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Interested in becoming a Contracted Sales Representative for Premier Sporting Goods?


Premier Sporting Goods, established in 2012, is dedicated to providing top of the line soccer apparel to customers at competitive prices. We are currently looking for motivated Sales Reps who are willing to travel to various weekend soccer tournaments, sell merchandise, and promote our company in a professional manner.

Here's what some of the people working for Premier Sporting Goods have to say.

"What I find most rewarding about working for PSG is when I succeed, I feel that I am helping my team as well as the company. It's an environment that not only focuses on individual growth, but also growing as a team."

Britnee Ricks, Sales Contractor

"I’ve been working with Premiere Sporting Goods as an Independent contractor for two years now and have had a great experience. Working only requires three days out of the week, which works perfectly with my school schedule leaving plenty of time to complete projects and attend class. The actual work itself is fun and interactive while also providing the opportunity to see some great cities and what they have to offer."

Jackson Eckerle, Sales Contractor

"I value my job with PSG because it allows me optimal family time. Being a single mother, only working on the weekends allows me to have the whole week to spend with my child. I also enjoy the structure of the company. Working as a team with your coworkers to achieve goals is a rewarding feeling. The traveling is an added bonus. It is neat to travel around different states as part of your occupation. This is truley a unique and rewarding career."

Hannah Brown, Sales Contractor

More Information On Premier Sporting Goods

What does a Sales Contractor for Premier Sporting Goods do?


​In short, Sales Contractors travel to youth soccer events across the country to set up a vendor site and sell products on behalf of the company. As a Sales Contractor, you will be meeting at the Premier Sporting Goods warehouse (typically on the Friday morning before a tournament) where you will meet up with another one of our sales team to pick up a company provided vehicle that contains everything you will need to sell for the weekend. All tournaments will always have two contractors going to the same tournament not only to help divide drive time, but also to run a second site. Once you arrive at the designated destination, you will set up both vending sites. Saturday and Sunday are filled with customer interactions (each day running on average around 8hrs). At the end of the day on Sunday, just pack everything up and return to the warehouse to drop off the vehicle. 

What kind of expenses should I expect?


​The only expense that you will have is food. Everything else is covered. All Hotel expenses, gas expenses as well as company vehicle are bought and paid for by Premier Sporting Goods. 

What is the pay like?


Sales contractors are on a commission based payout. After the probation period (3 tournament weekends) a member of management will assess your performance and move you to the first tier of the commission bracket. While on the probation period, the payout is based on mileage to the appointed tournament (average probation payout for the weekend is 300 - 400 dollars). Once on the first tier of commission, the average contractor payout is around 500 dollars, but can far exceed this depending on salesmanship. This is all just for weekend work!

How far of a drive are these tournaments?


Tournament drive time for most tournaments vary from 1 hour to 8 hours, that you will be splitting with your tournament partner. There are a few tournaments that exceed 8 hours, but are mostly handled by senior sales contractors.  

Interested in becoming part of the Premier Sporting Goods Team? Have any further questions about our company or the positions available? Fill out the fields below and our Operations Manager will contact you as soon as possible. 

Thank you for your interest in our company! We will be contacting you as soon as we possibly can.

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