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Fundraising Opportunities

Soccer may be the fastest growing sport in America. The more popular it gets, the more kids want to play.


Unfortunately, lots of families may not be able to afford registration fees or the cost for uniforms, shoes and balls.

That's one of the reasons many teams and leagues are looking for effective soccer fundraisers to offset the costs. This is where Premier Sporting Goods comes in! We offer several ways to donate back to your club by participating at one or more of your tournaments in the following ways:

Packages We Offer

We are flexible with the needs of your club and offer several options to compensate you for allowing our company to be at your event.


We  Offer:

  • A set percentage of revenue made at your event 

  • A flat fee based on how many teams and parks/locations you will have 

  • A tier scale percentage that increases as the more revenue is made at your event 


For any of these options or to request more details, please click on the "book us at your next event" button



How We Can Enhance Your Events

Our company will add value to your event by:

  • Presenting a professional booth

  • Quality products

  • Friendly, well trained, uniformed staff

  • Optional add ons such as a speed kick booth or our 13X12X10 Premier blow up soccer goal which can be used as entertainment or a fundraising opportunity   

What We Will Bring To Your Event

The merchandise Premier Sporting Goods will bring to your event include:


  • Over 50 different styles of Replica Soccer Jerseys of the world’s best players and teams: both National and Club

  • Professional Replica Warm-Up Jackets of top teams from around the world

  • Fitted Fan T-Shirts

  • Premier Force Goalie Shirts

  • Premier Force Long Sleeve Jersey Tops

  • Premier Force trainers: a size four soccer ball with a long bungee cord attached

  • Sports Titanium Athletic necklaces and bracelets

  • Team scarves: both National and Club

  • Team Hats

  • Premier Force Winter Gloves

  • Girl Headbands

  • Premier Shin Guard Straps

  • Premier Soccer Balls Size 1, 4, 5

  • Sweet Spots

  • Soccer Socks

  • Team Flags: National and Club

  • Team Bags: National and Club

Why Choose Us?

Hosting a Youth Soccer Tournament is never easy, and making sure that every detail falls into place can be very time consuming. One such detail, sorting through vendors, can be very stressful to say the least. The amount of guesswork that is involved in knowing how they will appear to your patrons or what to expect for that matter, is something you could probably live without. We at Premier Sporting Goods are committed to presenting the most professional appearance of our set up, merchandise, and workers. Our goal is to provide you peace of mind,  knowing that you've chosen the right vendor. Premier Sporting Goods will add to the energy and excitement, making your event memorable for your guests.


We take your trust in us very seriously and constantly update our product line to appeal to our customer's needs. Please take this time to look over a brief summary of our products and services.

Fundraising Opportunities
Enhance Events
Why Choose Us

Feedback From Tournaments We Have Attended

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